Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Bunch of Clever Product Ideas (RedDot awards)

The RedDot awards are some sort of design awards. Here are a few products that won in 2012.

Lady Shifting
The patient leans onto a carrier that functions like dolly so someone much smaller can maneuver them to sit on the bed.

A little triangular kink gives you enough room to get the cutter blade under the tie wrap.

The grid pattern makes it easier to see whether a dark spot is just darker in color or actually a dip in the road, along with other surface deviations.

Water Collecting Cover
Placed on wet ground overnight, water will evaporate and condense on the underside of the dome, and then drip down into the cup to provide distilled water.

Corner Box
A recessed makes it easy to get your fingers under a heavy box.

Bullion Wall Clock
This uses lasers to project a clock on any surface.

U Bag
For bags on rolls you see at the grocery store, the U shape makes it easy to tell which is the top or bottom. They say the top looks more like handles.

More Opportunities, Less Pain
A bandaid with integrated blood type paper that tells you what blood type you have. A good way to remind yourself of your blood type, and also for poorer countries where people may never have had their blood type told to them.

Always Full Tires
The shocks act like a pump that fills the tires through one-way valves.

There are tons more ideas on the red-dot site linked at the top.

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